Photo Credits

We would like to thank the following for their contribution of photos for the Sauble Beach website:

Joseph Gentile

Alicia Mayo

Allyson Schmidt

Amanda Patchett

Angela Oniszeczko

Andrea Thomson

Anita Hartmann

Annette Wilson

Ashli Schell

Charlene Reinhart

Catharine Dunlop

Cindy MacEachern-Miller

Daniel Caron

Gerome Dulalas

Diane Neeb

Danielle Bouchard

David Flus

Eleanor Palmer

Emily Bennett

Grace Chloe Lily Bonnie Robertson

Jenni Roote

Janet Bork

Jessica Finochio

Jessica Liegh Helm

Jordan Brown

Katey Faul

Kathy Bonte

Krista Kilsch

Krysta Grossett

Lee Ann Young

Lindsay Copeland

Mark Jen

Murad Ali

Myriam La Frenière

Dominika Niemczyk

Perry Steckly

Rachel Prudhomme

Richard Lahaie

Scott Hughes

Shawn Bonte

Shell Partington

Shelly Frith

Susy Coulson

Shari Chambers

Taylor Cruickshank


Sauble Map Credits:

Shelley Partington

True North Photography

Elaine Gauthier

Geoff Woods

Kathy Bonte

Sauble RIver Marina

Kathlynn Hoch

Ken Atkinson

Jo-Ann Sheridan

Michelle Travis

Our apologies for not crediting Mary Kilsch in the 2019 Map.



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