What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a local association that promotes and protects the interests of the business community in a particular place.

Who is involved in the Chamber?

If your business is located in, or does business in/around Sauble Beach you can become a member. A Board of Executives is elected each year by Chamber Members and fulfills these positions on a volunteer basis. Currently, the Sauble Chamber of Commerce has a Manager and Creative Assistant on staff.

What does the Chamber do?

The Chamber is involved with planning, organizing and executing Canada Day celebrations, Sandfest, the 8km Walk/Run, Tuesday Cruise Nights, and Wednesday Family Movie Nights.  We are dedicated on continuing to promote economic development in Sauble Beach. Creation and distribution of the Sauble Signpost as well as maintenance of www.saublebeach.com is also the Chamber of Commerce responsibility. The Chamber also offers advertising opportunities and networking events to its members!

Interested in becoming a Member?

To Become A Member

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Membership Has Its Privileges

Owning and operating a business can be very rewarding, but at times it feels like performing a high wire act – without a net! Apart from your spouse, there’s often no one else to talk to about the ups and downs of running your business. And there’s little advice and support you can count on to help you manage your business, either. The Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of services to help you manage your business more effectively and more profitably. Chamber members are independent business owners just like you, some offering competitive products and services, but all operating within the same market, experiencing similar economic conditions, and sharing the same

Membership in the Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce adds your voice to those of other businesses to form a strong collective on issues of concern with all levels of government – especially municipal leaders. The Chamber actively solicits your input on the issues that matter the most to you. Via its various boards and committees, the Chamber formulates plans and events to represent your views and ensure Sauble Beach remains a strong and vital community for businesses and residents alike. As the Chamber grows and represents a larger percentage of businesses, so too does our negotiating strength.

Like any industry, tourism is extremely competitive and becoming more so with each passing year. The high Canadian dollar, rising gasoline prices, continuing economic uncertainty and deeply discounted travel offerings in Canada and abroad threaten to siphon tourists away from our community. The Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce is aggressively fighting these forces by developing professional marketing materials to encourage short and long-term visits to Sauble Beach. The ultimate goal is to diversify our economy, attract new visitors and new money, increase the tax base, provide more jobs, and promote civic pride. The results to date have been encouraging, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants, national awards, and millions of dollars in new tourism revenue.

Member Benefits
It’s better to be part of a group! Chamber members receive access to group rates that normally would not be offered to independent businesses. For full details of all member benefits view the Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce Membership Package here! Some of these benefits include merchant services, Esso gas savings, health home and car insurance, marketing and advertising programs and networking events.

About The SBCC

A Chamber of Commerce is a local association that promotes and protects the interests of the business community in a particular place.

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