Sauble Beach - You just can't top it!


Beach Rules

The Dynamic Beach By-Law (By-Law 64-2004) does not permit these items on Sauble Beach

•    Motorized vehicles
•    Generators
•    Barbecues/or any device for cooking
•    Horses
•    Tents or camping
•    Alcohol
•    Campfires

Sauble Beach is a designated "Paid Parking" area. Please ensure you activate the Paid Parking machines on a daily basis or purchase a Paid Parking Pass from the following locations: Wiarton Town Hall, Wiarton Train Station, Sauble Tourist Information Centre or Fretz valu-mart.

Dogs on the Beach?  The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is a leashed Municipality.  No person shall allow a dog off the owner's property unless under control and leashed or in the "Dogs Off Leash Recreation Area (DOLRA)".  Dogs are not permitted on Sauble Beach from May 1st to September 30th in each and every year.  There is a small area on the beach to the right of the Welcome Sign (if you are looking at the sign) where you see wooden stakes (on each side of Dobson's restaurant).  Dogs are allowed between this wooden staked area.

All over sized vehicles requiring more than one parking space must pay the required Paid Parking Permit Fee for the appropriate number parking spaces used.

All by-laws can be obtained at the Town Hall in Wiarton or online.